About Airlift

Airlift AS, based at Forde Airport in Bygstad, Norway, is the largest North European onshore helicopter company with longstanding operation in heavy lifting and search and rescue (SAR) both in European domestic market as well as in the Arctic. The company is part of the NHV group and operates 16 of the group’s helicopters. 

Airlift's technical department has more than 20 years of experience with maintenance, design and modification of helicopters. In addition to performing design and maintenance on the company's own helicopters, Airlift has also provided design, installation, maintenance and CAMO services to other helicopter companies. (Here you can read more about Airlift's Part-M CAMO, Part-145 MRO and ARC technical services offer)

Since December 2007 Airlift holds an EASA Part-21 Subpart J approval as approved Design Organisation (DOA) (Approval ref. EASA.21J.315). This includes approval of design changes related to avionics, electrical and interiors as well as changes and minor repairs related to aircraft structure, approval of Flight Conditions and issue of Permit to Fly approvals. (Read more about it on our DOA Approval page here)

Airlift DOA experienced staff includes Design Engineers, Certification Verification Engineers, Flight Test Pilots and Flight Test Engineers. (See our Organisation Chart here)

Since its initial approval, Airlift DOA has certified over 80 minor changes and is holder of 15 EASA approved Supplemental Type Certificates (STC). (Find here our updated modification list)

The main area of expertise of Airlift DOA are the development, installation, testing and certification of:

Moreover Airlift, as operator, has over 20 years of experience from EMS and SAR operations as well as over 15 years of experience from NVIS operations with AS365 and AS332 helicopters on the mainland and in the Arctic (Svalbard archipelago).

Airlift DOA has, over the years, worked on the following helicopter types:

(Click on the aircraft type to see the list of approved modifications)

Alongside to modifications developed for Airlift operator, the DOA has developed many STC and minor changes for customers in Europe as well as around the world (namely including up to Peru and New Zealand!)

Many of the EMS and NVIS STC's were developed on request of the major actors in EMS and SAR operations in Scandinavia and UK.

Airlift DOA customers includes operators, MRO facilities as well as component manufacturers (Read more on customer here).

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