Night Vision Imaging Systems (NVIS)


Installation and certification of Night Vision Imaging Systems. The modification comprehends of the installation of cockpit, cabin, external lighting system for use with Night Vision Goggles (NVG).

The certification (of each helicopter) includes extensive ground and flight testing carried out with Airlift’s qualified flight test crews.

Airlift, as an operator, has 18 years of experience from NVG operations with AS332, AS365 and AW169 with both green and white ph. goggles.

NVIS Cockpit lighting

NVIS Cockpit lighting

Airlift holds 5 Supplemental Type Certificates (STC) approved by the EASA according to the latest EASA/FAA NVIS Certification Standards, for:

  • Airbus Helicopters AS332 L/L1

  • Airbus Helicopters AS365 N2/N3/N3+

  • Airbus Helicopters MBB-BK117 C-2/D-2 (EC145/H145T2)

  • AgustaWestland AW139.

As per January 2019 Airlift has modified and certified 28 helicopters for the following customers:

  • Airlift (AS365/SAR), Norway

  • Norsk Luftambulanse (EC145/EMS), Norway

  • Lufttransport (AS332/SAR, AS365/LOS, AW139/EMS), Norway

  • Babcock Scandinavian Air Ambulance (AS365/EMS), EC145/EMS, H145/EMS), Sweden

  • SAAB and Scandinavian MediCopter (AS365/EMS, EC145/EMS), Sweden/Denmark

  • Heli-One (Norway) for the Icelandic Coast Guard (AS332/SAR), Iceland

  • Heli-One (Norway) for CHC (AS332/SAR), Norway

  • AirGreen (AirGreenH145/EMS), Italy

  • NHV for French Navy (Marine) AS365/Training, France

Each installation is customized for each helicopter and cover instrument panel lighting, cockpit lighting, cabin lighting and external lighting.
The installation comprehends installation of NVIS compatible lights or installation of NVIS filters as necessary. NVG lighting is controlled by a dedicated NVG lighting control panel customized and programmed for the specific lighting harmonization of the helicopter.

Alternatively certifications of “NVG friendly” helicopters, delivered from manufacturers, can be performed.

Cockpit lighting harmonization

Installation Planning

Installation can be performed by Airlift NVIS technicians or alternatively by customer’s personnel with support of Airlft’s staff. Airlift Design Office will supervise all the installation and certification process. All tests shall be performed by Airlift’s Flight Test Pilots and Flight Test Engineers.

Documents delivered

Approval Form, installation instructions, material list, drawings, wiring diagrams, instructions for continued airworthiness, rotorcraft flight manual supplement.


The kit, customized for each helicopter, includes cockpit lights (such as Led-ramp lights, Led cannons and bezel lights), customized NVG Lighting control panel, cockpit filters, cabin lights and external lights.


STC Numbers
EASA 10049453   Airbus Helicopters AS332 L/L1    
EASA 10035080   Airbus Helicopters AS365 N2    
EASA 10035077   Airbus Helicopters AS365 N3 (Analogue/EFIS, incl. N3+)
EASA 10041311   Airbus Helicopters BK117 C-2 (EC145) / BK117 D-2 (H145 T2) 
EASA 10044769   AgustaWestland AW139    
EASA (under development) Airbus Helicopters AS350 B3

Airlift AS is an EASA Part-21 Subp. J Approved Design Organisation (Approval No. EASA.21J.315).

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