Emergency Medical Services (EMS)  for Airbus Helicopters AS365 series

Interiors installation of interiors and systems on EMS and SAR helicopters

Installation and certification of EMS interiors and systems with customised layout based on customer’s needs.
Airlift holds 3 Supplemental Type Certificates (STC) for AS365 with 8 helicopters modified plus various minor changes.
As operator, Airlift has more than 20 years or experience from EMS and SAR operation with the AS365

Scandinacian MediCopter (AS365), Sweden
SAAB (AS365), Sweden
Multiflight / Great North Air Ambulance (AS365), UK


The technical solution here proposed is divided in different “packages” that can be separately selected by the Customer:

  • Single stretcher (longitudinal) cabin layout, including: patient loading system/stretcher, seats, cabin flooring, forward and aft cabin walls, medical equipment mounting, curtain between cabin and cockpit and cabin intensity LED-lighting (2 alternatives)
  • EMS Communication: 3rd EMS Cabin Intercom (2 alternatives)
  • EMS Communication: Mission Radios
  • EMS Communication: GSM Phones
  • EMS Communication: Mission Computer
  • EMS Electrical Power
  • EMS Air and Suction
  • EMS Liquid Oxygen System
  • EMS Aft cabin Cabinet
  • EMS Cabin Overhead Panel
  • Medical Equipment qualification  

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