Latitude SkyNode satcom and tracking system


SATCOM modem and control panel

SATCOM modem and control panel

Installation of Latitude SkyNode Satcom and Tracking System comprises of installation of a Latitude Tecnologies’s Skynode S200 Modem in the baggafe compartment (aft RH) avionic shelf and a Northern Airborne Technologies PTA12-300 Dialer panel on the pedestal panel for the control of the system. In this installation the Latitude system uses a dual GPS/Satcom (Iridium) integrated antenna.
The Latitude SkyNode S200 provides both voice satellite communications, complete flight tracking and 2-way data networking/messaging functions, using various serial data interfaces and an integrated GPS receiver and Iridium satellite L-Band Transceiver modules. Data transmission possibilities of the S200 modem (trough 3 dedicated logic pins) give the possibility to transmit information such as “weight on wheels”, “engine running” to the ground tracking station.
The system voice communications functions are controlled in the cockpit using the NAT PTA12-300 located on pedestal panel and connected to the helicopter ICS. The Northern Airborne Technologies PTA12-300 is a compact DZUS mounted dialer with keypad and LED matrix display both featured of dimming function controlled by instrument panel illumination system. The functions of the PTA12-300 include: speech audio circuits, hook switch, ring indication, Satcom status indication, DTMF tone generation, ringer tone generation, backlighting as well as normal phone functions (e.g. hold, redial, memory).
The PTA12-300 panel has NVIS compliant backlighting and the display is filtered for NVIS radiance requirements.


Web tracking and mesaging functions

Web tracking and mesaging functions

Use of Satcom voice communication by flying pilot in flight is prohibited.
The change shall make use of available antenna pods/locations; dedicated antenna pod installation can also be prepared (contact us).
Before installation, the installer shall determine any possible conflict of this installation with other modifications already installed on the helicopter that may introduce adverse effect on airworthiness of the product or jeopardize flight safety.


Manpower: Mechanic / Sheet metal worker 25 hrs, Avionic 50 hrs. Complexity: medium.


Approval Form, installation instructions, material list, drawings, wiring diagrams, instructions for continued airworthiness, rotorcraft flight manual supplement. 


No kit is associated to this modification. All parts shall be ordered separately at vendors indicated in the material list. Main units are available from Latitude Technologies official dealers (


EASA STC no. 10028603 for Airbus Helicopters AS365 and EC155 series

Delivery time for document package: 5/6 weeks
Price does NOT include Iridium phone activation nor the Sentinel tracking use license.

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