Airlift is awarded design contract from Saab

Airlift's design organisation has been awarded a contract from the Swedish defence and security company Saab for the design and certification of the modification of a helicopter for use of night vision goggles (NVG).

Air ambulance

The helicopter to be modified is of the type Eurocopter AS365 N3. It is going to be used as an air ambulance in Gällivare, Sweden, and is operated by Scandinavian MediCopter (SMC).

Modification and testing

The modification work will be performed at Saab's aircraft maintenance facility at Östersund, but Airlift will provide all installation instructions and drawings. We will also deliver most of the equipment to be installed, thanks to our good relations with the French equipment manufacturer ECT.

After modification everything will be tested according to Airlift's test procedures. Personnel from Airlift will perform the testing in co-operation with the EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency).

Broad experience

Airlift's design organisation has existed since 2007 and has gained experience in several areas. Lately, we have put a lot of effort into building NVG/NVIS competence and can provide both design and installation services, testing and test flights.

The Saab contract is Airlift's third STC (Supplemental Type Certificate) project related to the modification of helicopters for use of NVG/NVIS. We have, for instance, already done a similar job for SMC, which was an important reason behind Saab's choice:

- One of the reasons why we chose Airlift is that SMC are very happy with Airlift's work, said Åsa Scharin, Project Manager at Saab.

A correct priority

According to Airlift's Head of Design, Arild Ryland, focusing on NVG/NVIS has been a correct priority:

– We are very happy about the chance to work with Saab, and are proud of the good reputation we are gaining. It proves that our efforts have borne fruit.

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