LED Anti-Coll. and Position Lights

Replace your anti-collision and position lights with LED lights


Installation of LED (Light Emitting Diode) lights offers better reliability than the incandescent lamp type. 

Lights replaced are 3 white/red/green position lights and 1 anti-collision red flashing light. As all LED lights (including the anti-collision) use 28VDC power, allowing the removal of the anti-collision power supply. 

Position of lights is unchanged. Installing these lights does not require any structural or wiring modification.
This modification introduce a slight reduction in both weight and electrical load.

Both position and anti-collision lights are produced by WHELEN Engineering Company Inc. and meets FAA TSO-C30c and TSO-C96a standards respectively.


This change is intended to be installed on AS350 helicopters fitted with Eurocopter original position lights and original anti collision beacon.
Before installation, the installer shall determine any possible conflict of this installation with other modifications already installed on the helicopter that may introduce adverse effect on airworthiness of the product or jeopardize flight safety.


Manpower: Avionic technician: 4 hours. Complexity: Low.


Approval Form, installation instructions, material list, drawings, wiring diagrams and instructions for continued airworthiness.


No kit is associated to this modification. All parts shall be ordered separately at vendors indicated in the material list. All light units can be ordered from WHELEN dealers (visit www.whelen.com).


EASA    Minor Change    AS350 B1, B2 and B3    
Airlift AS is an EASA Part-21 Subp. J Approved Design Organisation (Approval No. EASA.21J.315).


Installation documentation and Approval: Contact us


Delivery time for document package: 2/3 weeks


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