The change introduces the Tyler Camera Systems Removable External Mount on the Eurocopter AS350 helicopters. 
The “Removable External Mount” installation provides the AS350 helicopters with a hook mounted on an external attach frame, hanging over the left side aft sliding door. The hook is intended to support external loads, such as cameras, sensors that can be fastened into position by use of rope. The external load is intended to be fastened on the lower side by use of rope or strap attached to the helicopter skid. The externally mounted equipment is operated by an operator seated on the left aft sliding door entrance, secured to the helicopter cargo attachments by means of a safety belt.
The Removable External Mount consists of the 4130 steel tubular frame members and the hook. The mount is attached to the landing gear by two clamps, to the aft fuselage attach point and a Bi-Pod frame mounted on the transmission deck. Modification to the helicopter is minimal and limited to a cut out on the LH side MGB cowling. After fist installation the External Mount can be quickly removed/installed by measn of quick release pip-pins (no tool needed!)


The “Removable External Mount” is designed for external load with maximum cross section of 400 x 300 mm with maximum weight of 26 kg.
This change does not include the approval for the equipment itself.
Before installation, the installer shall determine any possible conflict of this installation with other modifications already installed on the helicopter that may introduce adverse effect on airworthiness of the product or jeopardize flight safety.


Manpower (first installation): Mechanic/sheet metal worker, 6 hours.
Subsequent removal/installation takes less that one hour and doesn’t need any tool.


Approval Form, installation instructions, material list, instructions for continued airworthiness, rotorcraft flight manual supplement.


Tyler Camera System Removable External Arm.
The consumable materials required for the installation are not contained in the material kit and shall be ordered separately at vendors indicated in the material list.


EASA    STC  number 10043743    AS350 B, BA, B1, B2 and B3    
Airlift AS is an EASA Part-21 Subp. J Approved Design Organisation (Approval No. EASA.21J.315).


Delivery time for documentation and kit: 5/6 weeks (kit lead time indicated depends upon material availability)


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