The installation of Radiation Solution’s RSX-5 (RS-500) “Advanced Digital Gamma-Ray Spectrometer” is part of the Airlift’s Geophysical Equipment Installation STC for the Eurocopter AS350 series, for airborne geophysical exploration and geological mapping. 
The STC includes different type of survey sensors (such as Radiation spectrometers, Electro-magnetometers, Magnetometers, Gradiometers, Cameras…) in different combinations to fit different typologies of survey missions. Over the years, a variety of different type/models of sensors has been added to the STC to meet requests of different custometrs. 
The flexibility of this installation on the AS350 gives the possibility to use, during the same survey mission flight, multiple sensors, for example mounting a Gamma Ray spectrometer in the ventral frame and an electromagnetic sensor to the cargo sling.
The Gamma Ray Spectrometer (RSX-5) is installed under the helicopter cabin using a dedicated frame. The frame can be easily mounted under the belly without need for structural modification to the helicopter.
Computers (as the acquisition unit RS500), data loggers and acquisition units  associated to the externally mounted sensors, alongside with a keyboard and a foldable screen are installed in a dedicated computer rack mounted in the aft cabin. 
The computer rack is a standard “19-inch computer rack”, over 80 cm high and 65 cm deep capable of hosting a large quantity of computers for “multiple-sensors” missions. 
The computer rack can be connected to the radio altimeter and to a dedicated external GPS antenna, mounted over the cabin roof, if such data are needed during data acquisition. 
The track information are given to the pilot using a 7-inch widescreen LCD display, or alternatively, a lightbar. 
The rack is powered by a single point “Power Utility Outlet” on the cabin aft wall capable of up to 40A continuous load. The power is controlled via a dedicated on/off push button on the pilot’s console and status shown via a “Utility Power” indicator light on the instrument panel.


Before installation, the installer shall determine any possible conflict of this installation with other modifications already installed on the helicopter that may introduce adverse effect on airworthiness of the product or jeopardize flight safety.


Varies depending configuration. Normally the fixed part of the installation (i.e. not removable, such as cut outs, power outlet…) are kept to a minimum. Installation of computers and sensors is performed through quick reconfigurations to minimize grounding time of the helicopter.


Approval Form, installation instructions, material list, drawings, wiring diagrams, instructions for continued airworthiness, rotorcraft flight manual supplement.


RSX-5 Spectormeter Frame is available as kit.
Different type of kit can be available on request (on the base of the customization of the installation).
The consumable materials required for the installation are not contained in the material kit and shall be ordered separately at vendors indicated in the material list.


EASA    STC number 10032471    AS350 B, BA, B1, B2 and B3    
Airlift AS is an EASA Part-21 Subp. J Approved Design Organisation (Approval No. EASA.21J.315).


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